No need to leave your house – Come on one of my virtual walks.

When the lockdown meant I was unable to take people round the streets, I, together with some of my colleagues at Footprints of London, started to do “virtual” walks, using Zoom. They proved so popular we are continuing with them, even though we can lead walks in person now.

These are live events using photos and other images or maps to take you round instead. The actual “tour” takes around an hour and is followed by a chat/Q & A session where you can comment or ask questions. Virtual Tour Tickets cost £6 for an individual and £12 for a group.

I have a number of tours coming up which can all be booked by clicking this link

My schedule usually includes:

Passengers No More – lost and forgotten Railways of London

Going down the tube: the abandoned bits of the Underground

Transport of Delight – the story of London’s big stations

After the last picture show: what happened to those cinemas

In Vincent’s Footsteps: from Covent Garden Office to Stockwell lodgings

A room of one’s own: Virginia Woolf in London

Underground, Overground – a wonderful wander through Wimbledon

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