Come on one of my walks …

I am qualified walking tour guide, and a member of the City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association, the City of London Guide Lecturers Association and the Clerkenwell and Islington Guides Association.

Why not join me on one of my walks in the real world! Here is my upcoming schedule.

Stephen by St Annes Soho

Most are 1½ to 2 hour walks (£12/£9 concs) bookable via Footprints of London:

Or come and join me for FREE! at Tate Modern- see my dates below.

Here is a what I am doing over the next couple of months.


Tuesday 27 February @ 11.00

Circles, Squares and Triangles – Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury

Fitzroy Square 2

At various times between 1905 and her death in 1941, Virginia Woolf had a home in Bloomsbury. In this walk, we will explore the connections she had with the area, see the locations of her four Bloomsbury homes and hear about some of the books she wrote  whilst living in Bloomsbury.

£12 (£9 concessions) Advance booking only at:


Saturday 24 February, Sunday 25 March and Saturday 21 April @ 11.00

A walk on the Wild Side – the Secret Side of Soho

An exploration of Soho – a part of London which developed as a fashionable new district in the late 17th century and soon became somewhat less reputable. In the 19th century, greek and italian immigrants opened restaurants and shops and as the 20th century progressed the sex industry boomed.

Soho was the hang out of some fabulous characters. It was – and still is – home to many film companies, as well as many music venues. And it was where some of the most famous music of the late 1960s and 1970s was recorded. “A Walk on the Wild Side” the quintiessential song about New York street life was even recorded here in a Soho studio!

£12 (£9 concessions) Advance booking only at:


Sunday 25 February 2018, Saturday 24 March and Sunday 22 April @ 11.00

Mr Selfridge and his competitors – tales of the greatest West End stores


A walk through the heart of the West End shopping district to hear some of the stories behind the famous names.  Hear some of the true stories of Mr Selfridge and why the recent television series is not all it seems. Also learn why John Lewis might be surprised what happened to his company and see where the original Debenhams was located.

£12 (£9 concessions) Advance booking only at:


And I do regular free tours at Tate Modern.

Tate extension

Friday 9 March @ 11.00 (Artist and Society tour) meet on Level 2 Boiler House

Friday 23 March @ 12.00 (In the Studio tour) meet level 2 Boiler House

Wednesday 28 February, Wednesday 4 April and Tuesday 24 April @ 15.00 (Media Networks tour) meet on Level 4 Boiler House

Tuesday 20 February, Friday 16 March and Friday 6 April @ 11.30 (Between Object and Architecture tour) meet on Level 2 Blavatnik Building  or @ 12.30 (Performer and Participant) meet on Level 3 Blavatnik Building.



Phone: +44 (0) 7958 916 402

Twitter: @stephensLDN


One thought on “Come on one of my walks …

  1. Just reminiscing about my childhood in SW 18 I used to live on the east hill estate near st georges hospital dad had a shop in st John’s hill called the radio shack (not the USA one) used to walk to clapham junction and the other way to the high street to the Arndale centre then onto king georges park in the 70s I used to go to Eltringham school near that concrete roundabout – dare say east hill has been redeveloped by now? Hated the smell of hops from the Brewery !

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