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Here’s a link to a little poem written by some lovely people from New Addington who came on my Hidden History of Croydon walk on Sunday 19 July 2015:



82 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve taken a number of Mr. Benton’s virtual tours (Americans in London, Passengers No More, The Big Train Stations of London, An Afternoon on the Tiles, Going Down the Tubes…) and he’s a pure delight. I always learn so much about new and familiar people, places, things, and history. His enthusiasm and kindness are second to none. I hope to get over to London next year and take some tours with him in person. He’s made lockdown much more freeing–to escape to London if only via the Zoom screen! Highly recommended. Loads of stars!

  2. My daughter and myself went on the Van Gogh Walk with Stephen yesterday. We both found it very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.

  3. We went on the virtual ‘London’s Great Shops’ tour recently, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of interesting information, well illustrated, almost feels as though we have actually been there! We could have stayed longer – looking forward to booking up for another tour! Thank you!

  4. Really enjoyed London’s Great Shops tour – learnt a great deal about shops around Oxford St that I’ve known for years – and actually worked in 4 of them. Looking forward to joining Stepehen for more of them! Truly fascinating.

  5. Very interesting virtual tour of music hall and London’s old theatres, along with Jay Leno, Marie Lloyd and the “Down at the Old Bull and Bush” song, with lots of interesting links to reference sources e-mailed to us afterwards. Now you must do another virtual tour on lots more of the stars and their songs! Fantastic fun.

  6. I really enjoyed your virtual tour “In Vincent’s Footsteps: From Covent Garden to Stockwell.” It was fascinating being transported back to the 1870s and the photos and images, as well as your facts and stories, really brought Vincent’s London to life. I hope one day to walk the route in real life.

  7. I really enjoyed the virtual walk yesterday In Vincent’s Footsteps and also the chat after. Your knowledge made for a great experience. You wetted my appetite for more knowledge and have ordered the book Van Gogh in Britain.

  8. Excellent virtual tour of the underground today thank you so much! I have told a couple of my friends to check out your site as I enjoyed it so much.
    Liz Read

  9. Stephen’s Quirks and Oddities of London Underground tour was fascinating. It revealed some of the answers to things I had long wondered about, regarding what particular structures and designs were for. Lots of fascinating new info – particularly the two houses with false fronts in Paddington! I look forward to more Footprints virtual tours as I have enjoyed all I have done from the wide range available.

  10. Fascinating hour on quirks of the Underground – really enjoyable and loads of quirky facts that will (hopefully) remain in my memory until I can get to London again. Really knowledgeable host with very good presentation – friendly and informative. Highly recommend.

  11. A very interesting virtual tour of Virgina Woolf’s residences ‘A Room of Ones Own’ – you brought it all to life with the knowledge about the family and Virginia. It is very much appreciated that you are doing these virtual tours so we can watch from home in these difficult times.

  12. Today was a first for me – a virtual ‘walking’ tour around Virginia Woolf’s London. Stephen made it easily accessible in terms of content and left enough to pique my interest to do further research myself. This was a perfect combination as far as I was concerned. I immediately signed up for another of your virtual tours later in the month. Thank you.

  13. I just finished doing a virtual tour of “Writers of Chelsea, Angry Young Men, Vampires and Utopia” hosted by Stephen Benton which I thoroughly enjoyed all from the comfort of my sofa Stephen was very knowledgeable and I thought I knew all about London but I discovered some facts that I was unaware of …most enjoyable, I’ll definitely do this again!

  14. So enjoyed Stephens virtual tour of the West End – untold stories of Stores. Really interesting and engaging, all in the comfort of my own home. Thank you Stephen. I am looking forward the next virtual tour about London’s lost railways this coming Sunday.

    • Glad you enjoyed my little wander round the West end. Look forward to seeing you on the Passengers No More tour. Except it is on Tuesday 20 October – not this coming Sunday. Hope that is still OK with you!

  15. Really enjoyed Stephen’s virtual tour “Passengers No More” (with excellent photos) of some of London’s lost railways – can’t wait for his next talk on the ones he didn’t have time for…

  16. Enjoyed the virtual tour of “Passengers No More – Lost & Forgotten Railways of London” with Stephen. Plenty of interesting facts and illustrations. It is obvious that it is a subject of particular interest to Stephen and I look forward to any future tours covering this subject by him. Thanks.

  17. Stephen’s online tour of Croydon on 28/8/20 proved there is (or used to be) more to the place than its common image suggests. I’ve been on some of his walks pre-coronavirus and enjoyed them too. He also does tours for Tate Modern and he’s very good there too.

  18. Hi Stephen. I really enjoyed your virtual tour of West End Stories. Your walks are always excellent and this virtual tour was definitely up to your usual standard. It was full of fascinating facts and historic pictures of London in previous decades.

  19. I really enjoyed Stephen Benton’s ” Quirks and Oddities of the London Underground” Zoom tour on 7 August. He added extra time, as there were some disruptions (from participants). It was well presented, varied and full of interesting facts – I definitely learned a lot. Thank you!

  20. Great talk on the quirks of London Underground yesterday! Certainly informative with lots of detail. Excellent value.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed Stephen Benton’s ” Quirks and Oddities of the London Underground” Zoom tour this afternoon. Most interesting and I loved the way it was all put together. Travelling down London’s longest escalator (at Angel) was a great start to the tour. I will now be booking up to visit other areas.

  22. Really enjoyed Stephen’s virtual tour “Virginia Woolf in London”. Great opportunity for people like me with restricted mobility. More please!

    • Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the virtual tour. Along with other Footprints of London guides, I am doing a number of virtual tours over the summer. And I see you have booked for the Quirks and Oddities of the London Underground tour so “see” you then.

  23. Hello, Stephen, thanks for the online visit to Virginia Woolf’s various London (and other) homes this afternoon. I was surprised just how good a virtual walk could be – lots of interest, lots of wonderful blue plaques and I didn’t get sore feet nor yet even have to travel down to London. Although, I can’t wait for the time when I can travel down again and get sore feet on a real London Footprints Walking Tour! Best wishes, Barbara

  24. The Van Gogh walk was unusual, fascinating and very memorable. Thank you very much for an occasion we will never forget.

  25. Really enjoyed the recent In Vincent’s Footsteps Walk from Covent Garden to Stockwell. A cold day, but Stephen kindly arranged some sunshine to make ideal conditions for an informative and interesting walk. Great opportunity at the end to visit Van Gough’s lodgings and the work being done to develop the property as an arts centre.

  26. Really enjoyed the Dickens in Clerkenwell and the City Walk. Not only did we see the River Fleet and the Clerks Well but we were provided with John Roque’s 1746 map which traced Oliver Twist’s route from Sadler’s Wells to near where Fagin’s Den was situated. Plus some atmospheric readings from the novels themselves. A great walk.
    Thank you Stephen

  27. 21st October 2019 – Dickens in Clerkenwell and the City. This was my first walk and I will certainly be back for more. Stephen is impressively knowledgeable, not only about the subject, but also about the history of London and its curious and hidden treasures. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.

  28. I did the Passport to Pimlico walk with Stephen and I had an excellent time to get to know a new neighborhood and all its landmarks and hidden treasures. This was my first walking tour with Stephen and I really enjoyed it!

  29. Did another Stephen led walk Friday and of course it was up to his usual high standards.Would thoroughly recommend his walks to everyone.

  30. Thank you Stephen for a very interesting,knowledgeable walk today. showing us the history of the famous department stores in Regent Street,Oxford Street and surrounding area- fascinating and riveting.

  31. The shops of Oxford St is a super walk and despite being a small group Stephen was more than generous with his time and we got plenty of value

  32. My Grandparents moved to 70 Sydney Road around 1914 and my father was born there in 1915. I was lead to believe that the roads were called the Apostles by the District Nurses that worked in the area.Have very fond memories of this road.Grandparents were Bertram Wallace Gaston married to Sarah Onions.

    • I lived in Prince George’s avenue and worked in cooks the butchers on Kingston road next to Jones dairy and the world stores in 1950s 07708192652 Sam lavington

  33. Stephen’s tour of Merton was fascinating and I really enjoyed discovering nuggets of information on places I had already visited, while exploring new areas and gleaning new facts. From the estate where Nelson once lived to the tranquility of the village, it is a varied tour with plenty to keep you entertained.

  34. Did Stephen’s Merton walk yesterday, 19th Feb. Really enjoyed it. He is a terrific guide, very knowledgeable and a very friendly person. We were a small group, just 6 so it was a lovely, interesting way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Although I knew bits of the area I learnt a lot. Thanks.

  35. Really interesting walk with Stephen!
    When you go shopping in Oxford street, you don’t really pay attention to the amazing buildings that sorround you. After this walk, we are more conscious about the history behind those buildings and those that made London the city it is today.
    We really recommend this walk, and Stephen that has been an adorable guide.
    Victor and Anna

  36. Just stumbled across this set of pages while searching for the old Trebor factory in West Ham, looking to see if there were any photos of it.

    I grew up around Plaistow and Forest Gate in the sixties and this site brought back a lot of memories. Thanks a lot.

  37. I took a Wednesday afternoon tour with Stephen Benton, focused on Virginia Woolf’s time spent living in Bloomsbury. Stephen walked us through beautiful squares, educating us not only on Virginia Woolf, but the development & history of the area, as well as the buildings themselves. It was time well-spent with lovely people, Stephen possesses a wealth of knowledge, & is a very charming guide. He is also very patient in answering all of one’s questions, of which I had many! I will absolutely be back for more!

  38. Spent a lovely couple of hours on Sunday afternoon having a relaxed guided tour of the City Bridges (Blackfriars, Millenium, Southwark, London and Tower) and some of the interesting historic treasures on the South Bank in the company of Stephen Benton and a small group of interested and interesting people. I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. The walk wasn’t too long (1.5 to 2 hrs at a leisurely pace). I would strongly recommend it.

  39. Much enjoyed Stephen’s walk from Blackfriars to tower bridge today. Discovered some hidden bits of London I’d never known were there. Was also fascinated by the snippet about civil service buildings’ net curtains. Many thanks

  40. Excellent tour of Bloomsbury. Informative and interesting and thank you for organising such great weather! 🙂

    Looking forward to our next fab Footprints walk.

  41. Thoroughly enjoyed our ‘West End Movie Houses Walk’ today with Stephen Benton. Rather a gloomy day weather-wise, but our guide’s enthusiastic tour of W1’s cinematic past more than made up for the lack of sunshine! We liked the fact that Stephen clearly loves doing what he does… and knows his stuff. What could you ask? Will definitely be back down the M1 for another Footprints tour soon!

  42. Mon 12 Oct. a lovely and fascinating Chelsea literary Walk in beautiful autumn sunshine.
    Thanks Stephen for being so informative on everyone from Oscar Wilde to Bram Stoker, and the rest. Yours, Marcelle and Lorraine

  43. .It is a sheer joy doing walks with Stephen Benton. Not only does he give you a very generous amount of information but he also extends it beyond the allocated area. Simply love following Stephen’s walk.

  44. Excellent tour of the Westminster area – as always, knowledge and enthusiasm make for a great experience. Really good way to add extra interest to familiar landmarks.

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