NW2: Life’s not Hollywood …

“Life’s not Hollywood, it’s Cricklewood” is a quote from comedian Eric Morecambe and was used as the subtitle of a 2004 biography of Eric Morecambe by his son Gary. It kind of sums up the ordinariness of Cricklewood, NW2. It is a very workaday kind of place which interestingly has two famous companies called Smith associated […]


NW1: Spirits move me …

NW1 is Marylebone, Regent’s Park, Euston and of course Camden Town. There is so much here, and I cannot possibly cover it all. So I will forego the delights of the first three and concentrate on the gritty reality that is Camden Town. We start our walk a Camden Town’s main Post Office which is […]


W13: Are you (still) being served?

W13 is West Ealing. This is a fairly small postcode which nestles between Ealing and Hanwell and many people seem unaware West Ealing has a separate postcode from Ealing. Although you might not guess it now, West Ealing was once an important shopping centre, with a full range of shops including large branches of Woolworth’s […]


W12: Peppered with actual shepherd on top …

W12 is Shepherd’s Bush. I always thought this was an odd name for a place. It’s a bit like Shepherd’s Pie being an odd name for a dish especially given the recipe does not usually involve Shepherds or indeed lamb. I used to feel that in some way there was a link between Shepherd’s Bush […]


W10: To Paradise by way of Kensal Green

W10 is North Kensington, not Kensal Green, I hear you say. And surely Kensal Green is in NW London. Well yes. But this is a quote from a poem which references not Kensal Green itself but Kensal Green Cemetery and that my friends is in W10 – as is the “Paradise” pub! But we are […]


W9: Maida force be with you

W9 is Maida Hill according to the Post Office, but it also includes the street called Maida Vale and the tube station of that name. This all seems terribly wrong. I really thought Maida Vale was in North West London and yet it has a W postcode! Maida Vale took its name from a public […]